You’re Being Lied to About Heating Oil

Maintaining a warm and comfortable property is important, whether you are at home or are a business with customers and employees circulating throughout your office or retail space. Many of the advertisements and other marketing pieces we see are touting electric and natural gas as the best option, but the fact is that for a lot of individuals, heating oil is actually the best choice. Below we are going to share the four most common lies you have likely heard about heating oil, so you can make a clear and educated decision on the best choice of heating your property.

heating oil

Lie #1: Oil-Based Heating Is Incredibly Inefficient

This lie was true decades ago when oil was being heated by massive and inefficient combustors. Thanks to many advancements in oil heating technology, however, heating oil has become just as efficient as many other heating systems, including natural gas, propane, and electricity.

Modern heating oil systems for the home and commercial properties now typically boast an energy efficiency rating of 83% to 94%, with several of these systems now having the coveted Energy Star rating. These systems are also able to heat your water five times more quickly than electric heat, resulting in significant money savings for those with oil-fired water heaters.

Oil-Based Heating

Lie #2: Heating the Home with Oil Is Expensive

Electric heating systems are marketed as being more budget-friendly, but the truth is that they can actually be more expensive than an oil-heating system. First, if you already have an oil heating system and are thinking about making the transition to an electric system, it is going to be incredibly expensive to do so. Secondly, electric heating systems require more on-going maintenance than a heating oil system, an expense that quickly adds up.

Oil systems are easy to maintain and are more reliable than electric heat. Though many understandably have concerns about heating oil prices, oil prices are fairly stable and have remained low, which makes an oil heated system a most cost effective option for many home and commercial property owners.

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Lie #3: Heating Oil Is More Unsafe Than Other Heating Options

Heating oil may perhaps be the safest way to heat a home. Unlike natural gas, which would instantly be set ablaze should it come into contact with a flame, heating oil is not explosive. It does not burn in a liquid state and is non-flammable.

Heating Oil Is More Unsafe

Lie #4: Heating Oil Systems Are Dirty

Rewind nearly half a century ago, and this statement would be more of a truth than a lie. But the modern heating oil systems of today are incredibly clean, burning up to 95% cleaner than they did previously. There is almost no smoke or combustion discharge (such as soot and dirt) created by the systems, meaning that your home will not be left smelling of strange burnt odours and it will not be dustier or dirtier because of your heating oil system.

Heating Oil Systems Are Dirty