Y Mumbai, y not Mumbai?

A lot of people think why Mumbai? What is it in this city that acts as a magnet to pull a crowd of people from not only the country but from all over the world . There are other metros in the world but one longs to be in Mumbai, roam there and see the world through the eyes of Mumbai.

Here are top five reasons why you should be in Mumbai. It’s not always possible to buy a house to start with in Mumbai, but you can take a rent house in Mumbai.

  • Work Hard, Party Harder: This city never sleeps. The nightlife in Mumbai, is one to die for. People travel from all over the city for hours and then they have the strength and capacity to party all night long!
  • Home for Workaholics: Work life in Mumbai is far from relaxed. People work here all day and are extremely enthusiastic about the work they do. What can you say when one travels hours to reach their work. They work long hours and fight the corporate battle each minute.
  • Safer for woman: In comparison to even to the capital of India , Mumbai is a safer place to be for the woman of today who need their time and space to be where they want to be and do they have to! Woman should be respected for a partner of equality and mind and should not have to fear about the time and place where they are when they need to work.
  • Studies: Mumbai has one of the best colleges and universities in the country for the ones aspiring to build careers in educations and study here.
  • Foodie City: Last but the not the least on my list is the options of food you can get here. No one goes hungry even if you don’t have much in your pocket. All kinds of food is available at various rates and is enough for your belly to be full for a good night sleep!

God knows the crowd comes from where and goes where. It might seem like a big task to find a rent house in Mumbai but once you start looking it all comes through. If the above reasons don’t pull you enough to be in this mahanagari.. I could easily list ten more and still the list wouldn’t end.

Every city has it’s pros and cons and so does Mumbai.

  • Transportation: If you are a newcomer here, first of all get a good hold of the transportation system. Looking for a house maybe secondary but being able to travel to and fro is a daily requirement. Take the local for a couple of days and you should be sorted!
  • Rent amount: A rent house in Mumbai is far more costly here than other cities. The deposits are almost equivalent to a down payment for owning a house elsewhere.
  • Crowded: The crowd here is always on the move. Small huts and match box houses make place for everyone here. The city can accommodate everyone, right from ones who want to make it big in the filmy duniya or the corporate seats! But don’t expect silent and empty streets, buzz and excitement dominates this city.
  • Climate: The climate there is nothing but humid. Hot to the core and it rains like cats and dogs. Surrounded by the sea, humidity is in the air!

Put all these and many more together a Mumbaite once is a Mumbaite for life! Once you have spent some time here you will find it difficult and not know what to do with your time in any other city. This city is crazy and will keep you on your toes hamesha!