Wood Imitation Tiles: The Hot Trend in Tile Flooring

Tiles that give a wooden appearance are the hot trend currently. Flooring has always been an important part of final finishing and two frontrunners among the flooring options today are wood and tile. People often love the natural beauty of wood, but tiles are easy to maintain.

Wood imitation tiles from Carreaux Metro combine the sophisticated look of wood with the practicality of tiles. This way, a person gets the best of both the worlds and thus it is no-brainer that wood imitation tiles are becoming hot favorites.

These tiles let you enjoy the design benefits that are possible only in a hardwood floor. At the same time, all the functional advantages that are there in tile flooring are also applicable.

What Are Wood Imitation Tiles? 

Wood imitation tiles, as the name suggests, are ceramic or porcelain tiles that emulate real wood. Unless you are a pro, you can’t even distinguish between the flooring done in real wood and these imitation tiles.

People love to get their floorings done with wood imitation tiles due to the following reasons.

  • Hardwood flooring is no doubt timeless beauty, but it is prone to scratches and maintaining it is a difficult task due to the everyday foot traffic. Wood imitation tiles are rough and tough, and are resistant to chips and scratches. So, you can enjoy the gorgeous wooden beauty without any worry.
  • These imitation tiles have higher resistance towards water and hence are appropriate to be used in moisture-prone areas. Wood and water don’t go together and thus these faux wooden tiles are the best bet in such places.
  • Hardwood flooring requires refinishing, re-staining, and resealing quite regularly, but wood imitation tiles are virtually maintenance free. You just need to clean them like some basic tiles and they look good for ages.
  • Wood flooring always has a probability of coming under a termite attack. Dealing with it definitely hurts the wallet. There is no such problem if you decide to go with imitation wooden tiles.

Imitation wooden tiles offer the perfect combo of looks of wooden flooring and functionality of ceramic or porcelain tiles. This versatile flooring material can be used anywhere without any trouble.