Window Cleaning Basics – How Often Should You Get Your Windows Cleaned

While choosing an office or a house the view from the windows is a major aspect. In Toronto, the view could be a garden or a scenic place or something beautiful or motivating. When you look out of your window and instead of a beautiful Toronto, you find something blurred or undistinguishable it’s depressing and irritating. The services of a window cleaner in Toronto are easily available but the frequency is something that you need to decide.

Need of getting your windows cleaned

The primary reason for this is that it affects the appearance or look of your home or office. If you entertain often you will like the place looking at its best. A clean window gives a great first impression whether it’s at your home or workplace.

A window is also a source of sunlight, whether a window is clean or not affects the amount of sunlight that can come inside. Any hindrance​ to it in the form of dust, spots etc. not only has an impact on the mood but it also affects the energy efficiency of your home or workplace.

Frequency of cleaning

The frequency of getting your windows cleaned is dependent on

  • Weather – the type of weather conditions in your locality is a major factor if it’s rainy then water spots are common or else dust accumulation is evident.
  • Location – if you are at a rural place pollen accumulation will be an issue and in cities the pollutants are an issue.
  • Protection – if the window is covered by overhangs or vegetation the interval between cleanings increases.
  • Budget – it is one of the primary factors. You can only get your window cleaned depending on your budget. If your budget permits and money is not a consideration then you can get your windows cleaned as many times you want or as many times it’s needed.
  • Type of building

Any special consideration or occasion like when you are entertaining or you has some event planned.

Type of building

The building type has a considerable impact on the frequency of cleaning a window. Under normal circumstances, the various building type and frequencies are as follows,

  • Home/office – The residential windows get cleaned once a month Office – once every six months
  • Shop – Windows need regular cleaning and are cleaned, at least once a week
  • Restaurants – A restaurant needs a clean ambience so it needs to get cleaned usually twice a week.

If any of these buildings are situated in a busy location then the frequency of cleaning may increase.