What Are Basketball Court Surfaces Commonly Made of?

Nowadays, nearly all basketball players play on courts which are made from hardwood, which has a smooth, unobstructed surface and a dependable bounce. However, not every basketball court is made from this one surface, in fact, there are other playing surfaces out there being used and even a more advanced type that is becoming increasingly popular.

A court’s surface will greatly depend on the specific requirements of the court and its location, with a range of materials being necessary for any outdoor play. Modern basketball court construction has come some way in what players are running and jumping around on!

Let’s take a look at all of them.

Hardwood Type

Seen in most indoor basketball courts, hard maple flooring is found in most major stadiums and arenas. Hard maple is a dense wood type with fine fibres, which makes it ideally resistant to any kind of splintering. This kind of wood’s tight grains also provides a perfectly smooth surface where any dirt or grime just can’t hide.

This is why hard maple courts are exceptionally sturdy and need little upkeep. This type of wood surface, (and others, such as maple-oak blends), should definitely put to use for outdoor courts due to  solar light, rain and the elements will eventually damage the wood and warp its surface.

Asphalt Type

A lot of basketball players first played the game on various outdoor courts, either in parks or on their neighbourhood streets or yards. Today, the standard type of asphalt is still the most typical outdoor basketball court surface because of its sturdiness and ability to endure all types of weather conditions.

The bad news is that asphalt will eventually erode with time and is often prone to cracks, chips and various other surface imperfections. Asphalt is also well known in contributing to injuries, particularly with falls where it can also lead to unwanted cuts, scrapes and even worse.

Multi-Purpose Type

A number of companies these days now make basketball court surfaces from multi-purpose plastic flooring. This type of court construction starts with a smooth slab of concrete as a strong foundation and then over that a top surface of modular polypropylene squares, which are fitted together in a range of shapes and designs.

This type of plastic flooring offers great traction, has a dependable ball bounce and increased safety, which means for less skin abrasions on any falls.

Such multi-purpose flooring can also endure the outside elements and can also be employed indoors without any performance loss.

Advanced Type

There are now some modern and state of the art multi-purpose courts, which have advanced features to help with player responsiveness. For example, manufacturers have developed a number of advanced surface solutions, which includes flooring featuring a rubber layer between the concrete foundation and the polypropylene plastic surface for more shock absorption.

Some other new surfaces also have a polyurethane finish over the plastic flooring to increase its durability and resistance to any moisture.