Transforming Your Washroom: The Benefits of Installing a Hand Dryer

Contrary to popular belief, there are quite a few factors involved in deciding between installing modern hand dryers and continuing to use paper towels in your home. Although you have distinct control over some of these aspects, such as the type of paper towels you use or the brand of hand dryer you end up purchasing, it’s important to note that other factors are clearly outside your realm of influence, such as local electricity rates or how many paper towels your family uses on a daily basis.

Thus, many homeowners are left between a rock and hard place with regard to making such a decision and most people simply take the path of least resistance by continuing to use paper towels around the home. After all, in the midst of childcare responsibilities and work-related obligations, who has the time or patience to facilitate a cost analysis on paper towels versus hand dryers?

Fortunately, you don’t have to because this article already did all the work for you!

This brief exposé will detail the benefits of buying a hand dryer for your home, especially with regards to the savings that you’ll be able to experience on a running basis.

The Real Cost of Paper Towels

The initial cost of purchasing a paper towel dispenser is relatively minor as most of the common models are between £10-£40; however, the ongoing expenses represent the real variable in the equation.

An average 12-pack of paper towels costs approximately £22 in the modern marketplace. So, if an average four-person family consistently uses paper towels in the kitchen and restroom and to clean up general spills, that 12-pack usually lasts less than a month, which implies that most households spend upwards of £40 per month on paper towels alone. If you continue heading down the paper towel highway, it won’t be long before you’ll have to buy additional trash bags to account for the increased refuse, especially when considering the fact that most people instinctively use two paper towels at a time.

Then, once you add in the prospect of potential plumbing issues due to un-flushable towels putting a strain on your pipework, the entire concept of regularly purchasing paper towels begins to seem a little backwards, particularly in our new age of eco-friendliness and environmental consciousness.

The Advantages of Modern Hand Dryers

If you partner with a reputable electrical implement wholesaler, you’ll be shocked at the affordability of today’s assortment of hand dryers.

Budget hand dryers, for instance, feature an 1800W power rating and they start at only £69.99, which makes them the perfect appliance for residential use. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the running cost of powering an in-home hand dryer is actually cheaper than habitually purchasing paper towels, often totalling less than £10 per month.

Therefore, if you’d like to eliminate the scourge of paper towel waste and save some extra money along the way, you should look into purchasing a sleek and modern hand dryer for your restrooms and kitchen area. However, remember to place the brunt of your focus on finding a trustworthy electrical supplier because that’s the only way to guarantee the lowest rates without sacrificing on quality.