The Importance of Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the one room in the house where the focus is on functionality, and with that in mind, the layout is critical. If space is limited, then it is even more important to make good use of the available space, and this is where a professional kitchen designer comes into play. The modern kitchen has a dual function, as it is the place to prepare food and also where the family likes to gather, making it a social venue as well.

The Right Design

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The Magic Triangle

In kitchen design, there is something called the kitchen triangle, and this refers to the lines between the three most important locations, namely, the sink, the stove and the fridge. Ideally, the stove and worktop should be in close proximity, and the fridge might be across the passage, but never too far away from the other two main focal points. The time it takes to walk the length of your kitchen to get something out of the fridge makes it a bad location, and by keeping the 3 main stations close to each other, you are eliminating unnecessary movement.

Family Brainstorm

Before you approach a kitchen designer, it is an idea to have a family meeting and brainstorm the things that you all like about your kitchen, along with area you think could be improved, and when you meet the designer, you will already have a good idea what you are looking for in the new design.

Online Solutions

It is often much easier to show a kitchen designer some examples of how you see your new kitchen, and there are many websites with gorgeous examples of new kitchens. An hour or so of browsing should help you to find the right combination of colours and a good layout that suits the available space.

The Right Supplier

There are many companies that fit kitchens, and ideally, you want one that specialises in bespoke kitchens, and with many years of experience, they should be able to help you design the perfect kitchen, and the installation will be fully warrantied. There are quality websites, such as, who can tailor a quality kitchen to suit the client. Of course, they would send a representative to view your kitchen, and together you could discuss your options. Budget is essential, and once the kitchen company know the price range you are interested in, they can come up with the ideal solution that won’t break the bank.

A new kitchen is a big investment, therefore a lot of planning needs to happen, and by choosing the right supplier, your new kitchen will provide you and your family with many years of faithful service.