Seven Reasons a Bulkhead is a Great Kitchen Design Addition

These days, many people consider a bulkhead as an elegant and stylish design feature in their homes. Just like a deck lumber, a bulkhead is known for its strength and durability. A bulkhead is that lower part of the ceiling installed for various reasons. Below are the reasons why your kitchen should have a bulkhead.

Emphasizing Function and Space

In terms of open-plan areas, a bulkhead can be used for highlighting function and space. It extends from a couple of walls to span the kitchen and ends in line with the island. The color of a bulkhead can contrast with the timber-lined ceiling of the big open space. Also, a bulkhead allows for greater air projection and pendant lighting.

Projecting More Air

Installing a bulkhead allows the projection of air further into a room. Thus, the air doesn’t blow directly over the kitchen bench. Because of its centralized location, it promotes the kitchen area and other direct areas can enjoy better climate control and air circulation.

Hiding Unsightly Features

The boxy ceiling structure can hide things like plumbing, wiring, pipes or structure. It can be installed in the full kitchen area, above the kitchen, above the kitchen cupboards or above the kitchen island. With this structure, a kitchen design will seem well-planned and organized.

Making a Shadow Effect

A bulkhead made from a quality bulkhead material can be installed in a way that looks suspended from the ceiling. With this location, it can make shadow effect that fits a kitchen island’s color palette. The idea here is to strategically position the bulkhead for a more appealing effect.

Providing Additional Elements

A bulkhead in the kitchen can provide a decorative flair and extra surface that can be used by architects to unleash their creativity for. The bulkhead can be pressed with metal to add texture, decoration and a new dimension to the space.

Eliminates Above-Cupboard Cleaning

Cleaning above kitchen cupboards can be a tedious task but having a bulkhead installed above it eliminates this task. A bulkhead can box in the unused space between the ceiling and the cupboard.

Balancing the Visual Effects

A bulkhead installed over a kitchen island can mimic the shape and size of other kitchen geometries. It can come as a slim addition that has dimensions that look like the island. In addition, the material it is made of plays an important role in making it stand out. The choice of bulkhead material can help in complementing the warmth of certain furniture.