Refurbishing Kitchen without Getting Extravagant

Kitchen is a place, which needs a little refurbishing now and then to perk the surrounding, a different colour, a new door or changing drawer knobs. Looking at it economically, this thought of upgrading gets put off.

There are several creative options to get your kitchen look modified without getting extravagant. Just visit West London Builders and discuss your refurbishing project to get an idea about the cost.

First consider the current state of kitchen layout. Check the doors and cupboards door damages or uplifting of laminates. Is the sink base damaged due to water damages? These aspects will prioritize your kitchen refurbishing project. If units are good then imagination and budget can prove to be improvement barriers.

Install new sinks & taps, upgrade worktops, paint the tiles, and more. There is less disruption in such upgrades.

Few smart modifications for sophisticated look

Replace fixture & fittings

In case of restricted budget visit your local hardware store and grab some modern handles. Replacing the outdated handles with new, sparkling and modern versions returns back the glamour of the kitchen.

Paint the kitchen

You can transform the kitchen in a single day. It you don’t desire to paint walls then just refresh woodwork with brilliant white coat. Pick a paint, which can handle the high condensation in kitchen without flaking or discolouring.

Replace worktop

Worktop handles a lot of rough and tough use. Eventually, it starts to split and tear. This gets unhygienic because cracks and splits allow the development of germs and bacteria. Disinfectant surface cleaner are unable to eliminate them. If your budget allows then opt for a new worktop. A granite worktop can be installed easily but provides a ‘wow’ factor.

Replace cupboard doors & drawer fronts

Kitchen space is covered mainly with drawers and cupboard door fronts. They are noticeable and overtime they start looking tatty due to kicks, bumps, knocks, and scratches. Replacing them with tailored fronts can totally transform the kitchen look and feel. The changes are not structural but cosmetic, so budget can be managed with installation time.

Add extras

You can add extras to display your personality.

  • A family friendly kitchen can include a picture board for kid’s photos.
  • To get country style kitchen place copper and brass pans.
  • Hanging bunches of dry herbs adds an earthly fresh aroma and looks rustic.

Refurbishment projects can be continued as funds allow. In case, you desire for a total kitchen replacement then opt for reclaimed wooden kitchen designs ranging from solid mid-range to bespoke models.