Low Water Pressure in the Shower: Know the Cause and Fix the Issue

If you are like many of us, you will want to begin your day with a shower to wake you up. But if the shower has low water pressure, you will have an unsatisfactory shower time. Sometimes, the issue is not with the pipes and your house. Indeed, you are probably putting up with sub-par pressure if a simple equipment swap or fix can solve all your issues. If you know the weakness’ cause, it can be simple to turn up the pressure in a weak shower.

The Shower Head is to Blame

A lot of showers are made to reduce the water flow to deliver just a specific amount every minute. Although this is good, it is usually taken a little too far leading to low water pressure. To counter this, buy a new shower head and find the washer inside. This is meant to limit the flow of water; however, this can be widened using a drill until the water properly flows.


Faulty Pipes

If you don’t notice any difference after you clear the showerhead, the issue may be with the pipe. Galvanized pipes, those coated in molten-zinc, are no longer used in newer houses. The reason is that over time, these pipes may corrode and cause leakages that can result in the majority of water escaping before it gets to the shower. The pipe’s zinc will rust and corrode which will fall off the wall of the pipe and block the way. It is likely that this results in water that has a faint tinge of copper since the flow must pass through the rusted metal’s mounds.


Although this is not harmful to your health, it must be fixed and the buildup can block the water flow. This issue goes deeper than simple replacement. As a matter of fact, to get your shower back in form, you will have to contact a professional plumber to deal with the pipes.

Solve the Low-Pressure Issue

It is imperative to replace galvanized pipes after thirty to forty years. They have been overtaken by other materials like copper. In case your shower pressure is fading and you wish to evaluate the kind of pipes in your house, look for a pipe and do a scratch test. If scratched, a copper pipe is copper in color while a galvanized pipe tends to be more silvery grey in color. Because copper pipes avoid buildup and rust, when you have low pressure and galvanized pipes, it is nearly sure you have a rust issue.


Various pipes suit different kinds of homes with copper being appropriate in a number of cases and other materials suiting others. Whatever the case is, there are just a few things which can cause unsatisfactory shower pressure. When the issue goes beyond a faulty showerhead, hire Sydney plumbing services. But ensure you at least identify the issue’s cause on your own and know what must be done.

Author Bio – Steven Motts is a famous plumber in Sydney. He uses his blogs to help people learn some tricks to deal with simple plumbing issues on their own.