Let’s Choose The Best Flooring Medium For Your Kitchen

It’s probably true to say that your kitchen floor is going to have to stand up to rather a lot of action during the week. We love congregating in the kitchen to swap stories over a nice mug of something warm. But do we really think it through when it comes to renewing that flooring medium? The problem with choosing a suitable kitchen floor comes down to the choice. You’ll find probably every type of floor material being used in one house or another, but which one is the best for your home? This article looks at how to choose the best floor material for your particular kitchen and explains why this is the case.

Ceramic Tile

If you had to choose one classic kitchen flooring medium, then ceramic tiling would be close to the top of the list. This timeless choice can be chosen to suit most budgets and almost every taste. You can go for an older classic look or come right up to date by selecting a bespoke theme. The ceramic tiles can take a lot of punishment and they are easy enough to keep nice and clean. On the downside, the tiles will crack if you do not take sufficient care, and any glass or china cup that drops onto the floor will be history. The grout will need attention every now and then and those tiles can be very slippery when wet.

Ceramic Tile

Stone Tiling

Natural stone floors are a popular choice and it is not hard to see why that us the case. They add so much character to a kitchen and no 2 pieces will ever be identical. You can create a visual depth that just cannot be replicated with any other flooring medium. We would suggest that you consider this flooring choice for the older and larger kitchens out there. These natural chunks of stone are going to be expensive and they can be difficult to keep nice and clean. If you are thinking of natural stone flooring, you should probably get the professionals in for the job.


Solid Wood Flooring

Not to be confused with the cheaper and less impressive laminate flooring, solid wood is as popular as it has ever been. As long the wood in question has been correctly treated, it will stand up to an army of stomping feet and come back for more. As the wood starts to age, the classic looks are developed favourably. Wood can be cut to fit any size or shape of kitchen and it will never go out of style. You can sand the surface back to reveal a new and smoother finish and it will often outlast your kitchen cabinets without breaking a sweat. But any spill on the wood will need to be dealt with sooner rather than later and it is pretty easy to scratch. Walking on a wooden floor in the early morning can also be a shock to the system, so remember those slippers!

Solid Wood Flooring

3 Of The Best?

Well, perhaps, but there are plenty of other flooring mediums that will do the trick. Just remember to check out the pros and cons before laying that floor down in your lovely kitchen!

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