Key Catering Equipment to Have Maintained at All Times

When running a catering business, you cannot afford to allow even one piece of equipment to break down, especially not during a critical moment when you are providing service to a client. Having professionals perform annual maintenance can ensure that every single piece of equipment inside your kitchen and elsewhere is in good condition and ready to go at a moment’s notice. In fact, such a service should allow you to meaningfully increase the lifespan of your equipment and get many additional years of service from each piece without the need for replacement, which should save you significant amounts of money in the long run.

Cold Rooms

According to research, food must be kept at or below five degrees Celsius to effectively halt the growth of microorganisms that may cause foodborne illness. Cold rooms must thus be kept in good condition at all times or else the food would become dangerously warm and this could pose a threat to every single person consuming food that is taken and prepared from the room. If you allow a cold room to fall into disrepair, you break a number of laws and risk the health of your clients, which is why you need reliable help from professionals such as DMM Catering Services to keep your cold room in good condition throughout the year.

Serving Equipment

There are a number of serving equipment needs that can be maintained with the help of professional catering servicing. The professionals behind this service understand that your serving equipment must be top quality at all times and they work to ensure that this is the case every single time they attend to yours. After all, it is their priority to help you provide a great service and their techniques and tools are specialised for this specific type of servicing.


You can have all the dishes in the world and be unable to serve a single dish if none of them are clean, which is a serious problem to handle with a broken dishwasher. Commercial dishwashers are designed to clean a large number of dishes at once at temperatures that destroy microorganisms and keep your dishes safe for food. However, a broken-down dishwasher can cause a number of serious problems along with delaying any serving that you might need to do at a busy event but a professional servicing team can ensure that this is never the situation.


Fryers are deceptively complex machines and a malfunctioning fryer could cause the oil to cook at too low a temperature, effectively endangering anyone eating food cooked in them or, worse, causing your catering business to be shut down for lack of compliance. The only way to ensure that oil is heated to the proper temperature without exception is to get help from a trained professional dedicated to food safety. These standards put forth by government regulations are difficult to meet without regular maintenance and this is a big reason it is so crucial that you know where to look and who to contact for the service.