Interior Doors and home improvements within the kitchen

Finding the right type of interior doors to match your particular style or look of kitchen may have been a difficult feat, especially 10 or so years ago when the internet wasn’t as well developed as it is today. The amount of variable colours, sizes, thicknesses and wood materials that doors and door styles can now be made in is truly marvellous and it gives a whole variety of options and different aspects for a consumer or someone who is looking to buy an interior door, options to match it with their own interior style.

There are typically two types of interior doors available to buy on the marketplace today;

  • Oak Veneer Internal Doors
  • Solid Internal Doors

Interior Doors and home

Oak veneer are the doors which if you were to tap with your knuckles, you could hear an hollow shell. They are typically much cheaper than that of the solid oak variety, purely because the manufacturing process which goes behind these types of doors is greatly reduced and the amount of physical material required is also considerably low. However, comparing it fully to solid oak doors, these products typically take a much longer time to manufacturer because the materials used within the process takes a long time to soak the wood in a variety of protective coats, carving and shaping the door into an appropriate style.

Due to the fact that solid oak doors are exactly what they say on the tin; made out of solid oak, the way that they are handled also takes a lot longer period of time.

Interior Doors and home

However, when it comes to placing these interior doors within the kitchen, most people opt to in-fact choose the veneer type over the solid type. The reason being is that veneer interior doors for kitchens come in a lot more colour choices than that of the solid oak varieties and it is mainly seen within the UK for interior designers and or house developers to pick white internal veneer oak doors because they reflect light and give more space to the room.


This is only from one person’s viewpoint. A solid oak door which emits a beautifully crafted wood effect will however last a lot longer time period to that of the cheaper and faster manufactured oak veneer products, so it’s always best to take this into consideration when improving your home kitchen interior design.