How to do a perfect House Clearance

Regardless of the size of your house, clearing things is proven to be stressful and tasking, especially when things you do not need any more start to pile up and occupy spaces in the house. Hence it is good to have a way of doing it that is efficient and reduces the stress of clearing. Here are tips to help you during your house clearance.

during your house clearance.


Planning ahead of the clearance is important as it gives you the blue print on what is needed and what should be done at a specific time. This will ensure that things go smoothly and save you the stress. Give yourself ample time for each room but note that you shouldn’t take a long time in one room. The rule of thumb is to take half a day for each room.


Deciding what to donate or Sell, keep and Dispose

This comes after planning and is the most difficult part of house clearance; but try to be as ruthless as possible. The most common way of doing this is by use of a colored sticker system which helps organize things into three categories which are sell or donate, keep or dispose. Commonly used colors are the traffic lights.

  1. Red which is for things to keep
  2. Amber for things to sell or donate and,
  3. Green for things to dispose

House Clearance

Determine the volume

Once everything has been categorized with appropriate tags, you will be able to estimate the quantity of each category and whether you would need help in clearing.

Clearing the house

When everything is now organized there a couple of stickers one could use depending on the categories one placed the items.

Clearing the house

  • Red sticker(keep)

This has the option of hiring a moving truck or a removal company in cases where you are moving

  • Amber sticker(sell or donate)

These are items which are in good condition and you have other options. There are ready websites in which you could sell or donate you items like Freecycle, ebay and Gumtree among others.

Another option is the use of local charity shops or social enterprises.

Amber sticker

  • Green(get rid of)

There are ways in getting rid of the things under this category. There is the option of calling your local council to arrange for a bulky waste collection. This is relatively cheap but the disadvantage of it is that it takes up to two weeks to arrange.

The other option is calling a professional clearance service company whose rates are not really beyond your reach.

calling a professional clearance service


Lastly is to take note to shred any documents that you wouldn’t need and ensure personal and important documents are destroyed, to avoid compromising your personal details.


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