Helpful Tips to Find the Right Moving Company to Depend On

Moving can truly be a stressful task; however, picking one of the best moving companies does not have to be. There are basic rules that you can follow so you can end up with a mover that runs their business with integrity, offers great value and treats you and your stuffs with respect. A good mover like Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC should be able to handle your move smoothly and professionally. But there are many sources to get help from so you can find the right mover.

Searching for a dependable moving company usually requires you to ask round. Ask any of the sources below to make sure that you get the best value and service.

  • Family and friends– These are the first people to ask when it comes to finding great movers in New York City. With the, you can be sure to get honest and unbiased evaluations. In case someone you know used the services of a moving company, consider asking about his experience with the business. A satisfied customer usually talks good business practices.

Family and friends

  • Better Business Bureau– Usually, the BBB is regarded as the gold business standard. A company that is not BBB-accredited doesn’t have to be disreputable. But, an accreditation offers an additional point of confidence in the dependability of the business. also, check the BBB for complaints against moving companies.
  • Real Estate Agents– Usually people try to find local real estate agents not to get advice on movers. However, these agents know a lot of information on anything related to real estate including moving. They make a living by helping people move and they usually know which moving companies are insured, certified and living up to what they promise to customers. A great realtor can recommend particular movers.
  • Survey Websites– There are many survey websites to check so you know what other people say about a mover. When possible, look for multiple reviews of a moving company. This eliminates a dissatisfied customer from controlling your decision. Additionally, remember that unsatisfied customers are expected to be more vocal. But, as constant complaints begin to crop up with a business, this is a real red flag.
  • Insurance- Good movers are fully insured and licensed. Try to ask about available insurance options with a mover and ensure you are covered for damage or loss during the relocation.
  • In-Home Moving Estimates– Movers who will provide an in-home estimate can offer a more accurate quote for your move. Being able to begin from an accurate quote, will eliminate any unexpected cost.
  • American Moving and Storage Association– Prefer movers with association to AMSA. This organization guarantees the registration of its affiliates with the Department of Transportation and their possession of insurance.
  • Business and Employee Longevity– It is important to know how long a mover has been operating. Greater longevity could mean better chances of being honest and professional. Also, check into its employees’ average tenure. Prefer moving companies which hire full-time workers over day laborers or contractor employees.