Healthy Pasta for your Vegan Lifestyle

The trick to finding vegan pasta is checking out the ingredients that the pasta is made from. Most pastas that come in spaghetti-form are vegan. If you’re ever not sure, read the labels on the packaging. Here are some that will give you more to chew over when you want to have a plate of pasta.

  1. Whole wheat pasta

Pastas made from whole grains will no doubt be vegan. They’re heart-healthy and contain seven more grams of fiber plus two more grams of protein than regular white pasta. That’s because it doesn’t go through the bleaching process that white pasta endures, which strips it of most of the vitamins and minerals it once had. The only downside to whole wheat pasta is that it sometimes doesn’t taste so great. Not all of them are bad. You’ll have to taste a few different brands to find one you like.

Healthy Pasta 1

  1. Spelt pasta
    Spelt is remotely related to wheat. But for those that have sensitivities to wheat, it doesn’t cause problems. Easily tolerated and fairly tasty, it makes for a great vegan pasta.

Spelt pasta

  1. Rice pasta
    For those who are highly allergic to wheat and gluten, rice pasta is a prime choice. The texture is a bit odd, but once you get used it, you’ll love it. It’s wheat-free, gluten-free and cholesterol-free, which will set you free if you are one of those that need to watch what you eat.

Rice pasta

  1. Quinoa pasta
    Quinoa is the new “it” health food. And it’s no wonder. It’s chock full of protein, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. It’s also a prime gluten-free choice. Quinoa has a mild taste to it too and is easy to enjoy with just about anything.

Quinoa pasta

  1. Soba noodles
    Made from buckwheat, these delicately thin noodles that are from Japan are a different way to enjoy pasta. When you feel like enjoying an Asian-flair to your pasta meal, soba noodles will deliver.

Soba noodles

  1. Jerusalem artichoke pasta
    Made from Jerusalem artichoke flour, this pastanaturally contains a prebiotic called inulin which stimulates the growth of the good kind of bacteria in your digestive tract. That bacteria helps with digestion and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Aside from being incredibly healthy, it is also extremely delicious.

Jerusalem artichoke pasta

  1. Udon noodles
    Another offering from Japanese cuisine, udon noodles are made simply from making a dough of wheat flour, salt and water. Unlike soba noodles, these noodles are thick and delicious in a very different way.

Udon noodles

  1. Veggie pasta

Another great trend in pastas is using vegetables, like zucchini for example, to make noodles. They’re incredibly tasty and really change up the pasta game.

Veggie pasta

Of course, for all pastas, you can make your own if you have a pasta maker. It’s simple and you’ll always know what ingredients are in it. Plus, nothing tastes better than fresh-made pasta that you make yourself.