Everything You Must Know About Lathe Accidents At Work

Lathes are used extensively in many industries, mainly for wood and metal applications. There are smaller ones that are designed for DIY projects, while other huge ones are used for larger work. While lathes are common, these are known to cause serious injuries at work, especially the manual ones. Even smaller issues with a lathe can cause a major injury. If you work in an industry that uses lathes, you have to be careful about a few things. In this post, will talk about lathe accidents at work besides other things about filing a compensation claim.

About working with lathes

As common as they are, lathes can be dangerous too. Workers using such machines are expected to wear proper eye protection besides tight fitting clothes. Also, it is important to check the sleeves of the shirt are tight enough, and long hair is tied securely. All kinds of accessories, such as ties, scarves, and jewelry must be removed during work hours. When lathes are to be removed, there are safety procedures that must be followed.

Common accidents

Most of the accidents at workplace involving lathes occur when workers slip or trip near the machine. Expectedly, the work areas must be maintained at all times to avoid such common hazards. All training and safety procedures related to the operations must be followed. The machines must be maintained at all times, and debris should be checked for. Workers should also keep away from the moving parts, as such incidents have lead to dangerous injuries. Don’t be surprised to know that people have lost life in lathe related accidents.

Filing for compensation

Despite following the norms and safety procedures, if you were injured at work, you can file for compensation, provided someone else was responsible for it. Your employer is responsible for maintaining the workplace, and therefore, you can name the company too. While all of these things seem easy on paper, work injury compensation claims are not always easy to deal with. You have three years to file your claim, but for that, you have to prove that someone else was responsible. One of the first steps after your accident is to seek medical attention, after which you need to contact a lawyer. There are helpline numbers and websites that can come handy, and you will also find compensation calculators that can give an idea of the amount you can expect from the case.

With work injury compensation claims, you have to gather evidence and information, and the matter must be recorded with the employer then and there. You can wait to recover, but ask someone around you to seek legal advice on the matter. It is wise to consider the expenses involved in the case, because if the work injury compensation amount is small, the case would hardly make sense. Also, prevention is better than cure, so take care while you work with lathes. If someone else is involved in workplace injuries related to lathes, help them in getting legal assistance.