Different types of smoked ribs

Nothing seems to be more delicious and mouthwatering than a rack of perfectly smoked ribs. Smoked ribs can be made of beef or pork. The most significant factors that contribute to smoked ribs are:

  • Moisture: More the moisture, the better the pork ribs will be smoked
  • Temperature: the temperature must be very low
  • Time: you need to have plenty of time on hand to smoke a rib

Smoked ribs are of different types. They are indeed a treasure for the taste buds if cooked well. Bit cooking smoked ribs in your kitchen is no mean job.

Types of smoked ribs

Smoked ribs can be of different types:

Spare: This is a piece that is sliced from the underbelly of a pig and is very easily available. These pieces contain very little meat and are mostly filled with fat. There are long bones in these pieces, with a slim layer of meat covering them. It is the fat in these pieces that contribute to the tasty flavor of these ribs.

Baby back: This type consists of the large bones that are there when standing rib roasts are cut in order to make a rib-eye roast that is boneless. The ribs are then trimmed and divided into single rib parts. In beef backs, the meat if heated well becomes very soft and juicy.

St. Louis style: This type of smoked ribs is cooked with pork. They happen to be one of the trendiest types of smoked pork ribs. They are basically spareribs that are trimmed even more and the breastbone is removed, that creates a rectangular-shaped rib.

Country style: This type of smoked rib is also made with pork. They are sliced from the shoulder portion of the loin and the ratio of bone to meat is the highest in this kind of smoked ribs. They have the smallest amount of fat. Many times this type of smoked rib is mistaken to be pork chops, as a knife is needed to cut this.

Short: this type of smoked ribs is made from beef. A piece is sliced from the shoulder forming a rack in a rectangle shape. A cross-section of the rib bones is there with a thin layer of meat.

Exotic smoked ribs

Apart from the usual beef and pork stuff, you can also add some variety to your kitchen by making smoked ribs from venison, buffalo or elk meat. The fat and meat content differs in these exotic types of smoked ribs with some variation in taste.