Answers to Common Questions about Using Awnings

If you’re considering purchasing an awning for your business or home, you may have some concerns. Many people wonder how difficult it is to care for these features, or if there is a lot that has to be done to keep them functional and attractive. The questions and answers below should help you to become familiar with what it’s like to use an awning on your home or business in Melbourne.

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Do Awnings Need to be Cleaned?

Under normal circumstances, it will be necessary to clean an awning on occasion, but this isn’t something you’ll need to do often. The frequency at which you need to clean your awning will largely depend on the construction of the awning and the outdoor conditions where it’s installed. Normally it’s only necessary to clean awnings in Melbourne about one time each year.

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How Are Awnings Cleaned?

This is something that will also depend on the construction of the awning itself, but normal canvas awnings should be cleaned using cold or warm water and a natural soap. Generally speaking, you do not want to use harsh soaps or detergents as this will cause the colour to fade with each cleaning session. Cleaning should start by brushing or shaking off any loose dirt. Then the awning can be hosed off with a mixture of mild soap and water. If this doesn’t quite do the trick, you can then use a soft brush to gently scrub the awning. The entire process won’t take much time, so maintaining these devices is a relatively simple task.

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Will the Awning Keep the Area Underneath It Cooler?

If you’re considering purchasing an awning to keep your porch cool, for example, you may wonder just how effective an awning will really be at doing this. The type and colour of the fabric that you choose will determine just how powerful the cooling effect will be. If you choose a darker and more opaque colour and construction, you will have a more powerful cooling effect. Depending on conditions, the area underneath the awning can certainly be significantly cooler since it will be shaded from the sun. In addition, if there are windows or doors near the awning, the interior of your home or business can also be cooler.

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Are Awnings Waterproof?

Many people worry about purchasing an awning only to have it damaged by a storm. Fortunately, most awnings are purpose-built for outdoor use, and that means that most of them are designed to get wet. However, there are certainly exceptions to this rule, so if you’re in an area where you expect it will rain frequently, you will want to pay attention to the details to ensure that you get an awning that is appropriate for your region. Not all awnings are built to withstand harsher winter conditions, so you may also want to pay attention to that when you’re searching for one. Some awnings can be retracted during the winter, and others will need to be stored inside.

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