4 Common Mistakes that First-Time Movers Make

Studies show that the average person, in Montreal, will probably move a half dozen times or more in their lifetime.  Most of us don’t start out being very good at moving, overlooking many simple and obvious things, typically out of haste.  Indeed, if there is any piece of advice that the first-time mover should heed it is this:  it is never too early to prepare.

In the meantime, though, if you could take more than piece of advice, look out for these most common mistakes that people make when packing for a move.

MISTAKE #1: Not Packing for Weight

When you move for the first time, you might not have a lot of money to invest in a moving company or even in proper boxes and other moving supplies. This typically results in having to use whatever you can find.  And this also results in people typically placing everything into a box without really thinking about the end result. And this often results in boxes that are too heavy to lift.  It is easy to overlook if you never check the boxes weight—so every once in a while try to safely lift the box before you fill it.

MISTAKE #2:  Packing With Haste

Whether or not you are in a hurry to pack, most first timers will pack too quickly, either out of a desire to just get the job done or out of excitement for moving into the new place. But it is better to take your time.  When you pack too quickly you risk disorganization, meaning that will lose track of where certain items are or you might pack things unsafely or unsecured, which risks damage to the item or even to yourself.

MISTAKE #3:  Disorganization

Again, packing too quickly leads to disorganization but that does not mean that packing slowly is a more organized method. Organization is a deliberate choice and, in terms of packing for a move, involves grouping things into rooms, labeling boxes, and knowing how to properly store, stack, and move things so you never waste space or time.

MISTAKE #4:  Hiring Unprofessional Movers

And finally, many people mistake the mistake of hiring the wrong moving company.  The moving industry does not require workers to have any kind of degree or certification, so it is not always easy for consumers to know if they are hiring a qualified team.  In fact, many moving companies employ college students. That is neither good nor bad so you have to look at little further to figure out if the low price they offer is really a good deal or just a way to get you to pay for their sloppy work.

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